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USB Interface Module with Dual Redundant MIL-STD-1553B

  • NOTICE! With current drivers the device is able to process about 500 messages per second on MIL-STD-1553B bus in single message BC or RT mode. There is a special bus monitor mode with no speed limit for MIL-STD-1553B messages.
  • External USB module with dimensions 35mm x 50mm x 100mm.
  • USB or external +5V power supply.
  • Dual redundant terminal in the modes of bus controller (BC), remote terminal (RT), addressed message monitor (MTM) and addressed word monitor (MTW).
  • Dual-port RAM 64K x 16.
  • Internal interrupt FIFO buffer 256 words deep.
  • 32-bit programmable timer for message receiving.
  • Programmable status timeout up to 64 us.
  • In the BC mode allows organizing the automatic transfer of a message chain. Provides the programming of the response to error message with the possibility of automatic retry and switching the bus number. Status words masking has been implemented.
  • In the RT mode there is a possibility to buffer the received messages for each subaddress. Programming the message receiving timer can be done upon the BC commands. There is a possibility to block messages receiving/transmitting for specified subaddresses.
  • There are three basic modes of monitor operation: Message monitor, Word monitor and Combined monitor. All three modes allow specifying the RT address to use the device as the addressed monitor.
  • In the addressed messages monitor mode, the module responds as an RT to the commands addressed to it and monitors messages from the addresses specified in the list.
  • In the combined monitor mode the information is registered by the message monitor while being parsed as a message. In parallel the word monitor registers all words.
  • In the word monitor mode the module responds to the commands addressed to it as an RT and receives all words transmitted via two buses.
  • Possibility to test the transmitter/receiver and bus status.
Document Size Last updated
TA1-USB datasheet Download 60Kb 09.04.2007
TA program model description Download 52Kb 15.06.2006
TA1-USB disk content archive 1.7 (RUS/ENG)
(latest firmware and Windows, Linux drivers)
Download 2623Kb 03.02.2009
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